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Life with Triplets is never boring. They conspire, grow and get into anything and everything! Luckily for them, they're cute.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Am I Back?

(Blowing away the dust) Anyone out there? It has been a very long time..
Okay, so here we are now in sunny, tropical, Central Florida! We have a fairly new, much larger home now as opposed to a very old, too-small-for-5-people house. Unpacking is moving along, and, oh yeah, I got a DREAM JOB!!!!!
Yesterday, I drove over to my appointment at Central Casting, and after much anticipation and nervousness, I got a part-time job! Now, I know a part time job doesn't sound like much, but it's a start. I'll be working at the hotel we honeymooned at (GF). Let me just say that every part of the process was absolutely magical! The entrance rotunda is marble with columns and gold statues. And the ramp....the paintings on the ramp.....up to reception....I'm choked up again. I'll just say that the experience was as special as anything I've done at the resort.
So, here I sit, very early in the morning feeling very blessed. I can't help but wonder if some of this peace and luck doesn't have something to do with our return to church....I believe it does.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Career Path?

“Knock, Knock!”
“Who Dere?”
This is a now familiar sound in our home. Our Bobby has begun telling knock knock jokes. He is very insistent when he says, “Knock, Knock” that someone says, “Who’s there?” If no one does after some cross looks, Bobby will answer himself with an apparently hysterical punch line. Last night, we hit a new height with his joke telling though. As Bruce went to check on them before we went to sleep, he heard the familiar strains of Bobby’s knock, knock jokes. He groaned at the thought that Bobby had woken up, but when he entered the room he found that they were all asleep. Yes, our Bobby tells jokes in his sleep!


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Potty Time!

On Thursday, May 3, 2007, we had a very big boy moment. William used the potty twice!! We were so very, very proud of him. We told him all day what a big boy thing he had done. Grandma even brought him ice cream and watermelon. These are William’s favorite things.

On Friday, William then announced that he was “done” with the potty. A minor set back to be sure. Actually, we’re not actively potty training yet. We do have a potty that the three of them picked out when Evan had expressed interest in having a potty. Really I think they’re really not ready yet. I’m not sure if I’m ready for them to be potty trained yet. It means that they are truly not babies anymore. I still want my babies even though I tell them they are big boys. I have tried to cherish each moment knowing how fast time goes and how precious these first years truly are. I’m so grateful to have shared this time with them, and even though I couldn’t say when each first step was taken and each first word was said I do know I was there for it. I know I celebrated it.


Monday, April 16, 2007

A Reunion

Well, it’s over now. Bruce and I went to the 25th Anniversary celebration yesterday. As I mentioned before, I was really quite nervous. I had been somewhat shy and quiet (except when I got to drill my class-then I was able to echo a parking lot). I was no one of real note until my senior year when I started to participate more. Surely, not even my favorite teachers would remember me.

I was pleasantly surprised. First, I ran into my favorite Brit (at least my favorite that I know in person), my old geometry teacher. She had no freakin’ clue who I was. I wondered if that was going to be the tone. Then, a very excited young teacher saw me and recognized me. She had been my English teacher senior year. It was her first year teaching, and some of my classmates were dating guys older than her. I wasn’t a favorite student nor did I know her very well. She somehow remembered me, though. It seemed as if the tide was turning.

Then, I ran into an old classmate. He and I were on different tracks and really never had an occasion to know each other well, but in a class of 55 everyone knows who everyone is. He is an RN now, and I was truly happy for his success. Next came my junior year prom date. It was good to see Matt. We weren’t romantic ever, and I think we were consolation dates for each other that year. It was still a very nice time with a very nice guy.

The last memorable person I ran into gave me reason to pause. Let’s call him T. He was someone I chatted with briefly from time to time back then. I was certainly not a person with whom he would have shared secrets, and it was probably a good idea because I probably would have had a hard time keeping my yap shut. At the party, he told me that he is gay along with some other fun things that friends were encouraging him to do. I said, “Great! Sounds fun. You should do it!” He was amused. Then he commented that I was one of the last people he would have thought of as accepting. It kind of shook me. When I asked why he thought that way, he basically told me it was because I seemed so conservative. I explained that college changed me by exposing me to all kinds of different people. Honestly, I was glad he felt comfortable sharing with me. The way I figure things is that if a gay person (or any person for that matter) has to hear me rambling about my hubby or my kids, the least I can do is listen to them do the same. Since I never thought that there was a huge gay recruitment department out there laying in wait to try to convince people to change lifestyles (and if there is please don’t tell me because then I’d have all kinds of “why don’t they want me” issues), then each to his or her own as long as they are happy.

As the morning wore on, I ran into more teachers who remembered me and whom I respect immensely. I also had more and more memories come back to me. Oddly enough, it was T that caused my one and only rebellious incident in all my then 12 years of school-the Christmas sit-in. It seemed that someone was offended by Christmas decorations. It wasn’t the Jewish kids and it wasn’t the atheists, and Kwanzaa was not yet widely known. We tried to find out how it was offensive and how it could be fixed while keeping Christmas. There was a resounding no, and the seniors formulated a sit in. I was petrified of having my mother find out I did anything against the rules, so I was going to class. As I walked towards homeroom, T walked up along side me and a friend and began singing Christmas carols. A teacher came up to us and told T he couldn’t sing carols. T is Jewish. That made a world of difference to me. The school attempting to stop free speech offended me. I joined the sit in.

Of course, it wasn’t easy for me to do. I tried my absolute best to get to the middle of the pack. Why wouldn’t they let me in! I just wanted to get in! I would be an easy target for an authority figure to get moving back to class. I began singing with the throng. I was there, I was proud; I was scared shitless that they would call my mother! The teachers and principal did target me, but I stood strong (all while crapping my pants and watching for my mother who I was sure would be there shortly). Eventually, we did disband, and we never did get Christmas back, but thanks to T, I had my meager moment in school history!

So, to sum up my very long winded entry, I was glad I went. I mentally changed to no longer being super-shy, and it turns out I haven't physically changed at all. I got to tell some of my teachers what they meant to me. I got to give hugs meant to be given 14 years ago, and I got to catch up with some great people!


Friday, April 13, 2007

In Protest!

I Protest!

I’m incensed by the firing of Don Imus! I’ve listened to him off and on since 1999. Meaning that I’ve listened on the way to work with Bruce mostly. I clearly remember that horrible September day when my world was thrown into chaos running to a friend’s office just because I knew he’d be listening to Imus. I wanted to hear the real news, and I turned to Imus and his crew for just that.

Anyway, I will say that what he said about the team was off-color, and I understand that it was offensive to them. But I see no reason why it cost the man, who does wonderful things for people (children with cancer and disabled soldiers most notably), his job. What in the hell happened to free speech? Nowhere is anyone of us guaranteed the right to not be offended. Most of us are blessed with the ability to shut off or change offensive programming.

Who among the sensible is not offended by the themes of cop killing and raping and general degradation of women found in a lot of the “gangsta” rap genre? Yet, these men are not fired from their jobs, instead they are made millionaires and have horrifically become heroes to some people! Still, I believe in their right to speak. Let us not forget the hate mongers. I do not believe in espousing hate of any race. I DO find it offensive when the color of a person’s skin allows them to spew their hate more freely than another person, but, again, I defend their right to speak. Unfortunately, Mr. Imus has become a “sacrificial lamb” (as stated by several newspeople). I sincerely hope he finds employment on the air soon and is able to be joined by his teammates.

I will now jump down off of my soapbox, and add in that we will be listing our home tomorrow. Hopefully, we'll be in Florida shortly. Oh, and an added yay to Disney for allowing commitment ceremonies on their properties!


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Free Stuff and A Confession

First, the free stuff. Yesterday, my mom came in and told me that our neighbors had a playhouse in front of their house labeled “free.” I had wanted to get the boys a playhouse, but I was waiting for our big move to buy one. Free is good. I knew that it was pretty much brand new since I had never seen the little girl play in it. When Bruce and I went to get it, I noticed a tricycle on the side, too. Woo Hoo! I had also been looking to get them tricycles. The thing that had been stopping me was that there is no real place for them to ride a tricycle. The free one could be pushed around the yard. They were all very excited by the house and Evan and Bobby loved riding on the tricycle. I’ll have to snap a picture of them in the house later. Funny thing is that my Dad and I found the same house (minus a few parts) for my cousin about 15 years ago in the garbage. It was quite a sight to see, I’m sure. We began walking the house home from the inside. People driving by saw a walking house!

Now for my confession. It’s been brewing inside me for a few weeks now. My high school is having a 25th year celebration next month, and I’m having all kinds of feelings about it. Mostly, I worry that no one will remember me. Of course the teachers have had many students before and after me, so I really shouldn’t expect much (especially since I was just the quiet good kid). My “friends” won’t be there, so there goes that hope. But, this is something deeper than people I knew 14 years ago (gulp!) remembering who the hell I was/am. It’s been bothering me that I’m just not someone that anyone notices much. I try to be always pleasant and courteous and thoughtful, but it doesn’t seem to matter. Even being the mother of triplets doesn’t make me stick out in the minds of workers at places we frequent. The pizza guy doesn’t remember me (he remembers Bruce, though), the lady that we buy our weekly pretzel from at BJ’s doesn’t remember me (but she remembers Bruce)-see the pattern? Even when I’ve “been there” for a friend or acquaintance, more times than not, they’ve credited another person for helping them through. I’m tired of being invisible. What I have decided is that the celebration will be a good time for Bruce and I to enjoy a meal together that’s hot and (hopefully) doesn’t have hands stuck in it! It’ll be some much needed just us time.


Friday, March 16, 2007

New Stuff

The boys have some new things going on lately. They are big fans of Vanna White, and thanks to their daddy, they call her "dish." Daddy happened to say she is a "snappy looking dish just like Mommy." They love to see what she is wearing each night, and as the show starts Will begins calling an "M." They also sort of enjoy Jeopardy which they call "Jeoperly."

Will had begun using a new word-"damnit." He used it several times in rapid succession fairly appropriately. I'm troubled, but it's not the worst he could say and it doesn't come out too much.

There are probably a ton of things I'm missing, but the loss of the nice weather has really screwed with my brain.


Last Day of Magic

Day 8
It was our last day in Disney. I had arranged for a character breakfast in Animal Kingdom at Donald’s Breakfastosaurus. How could we not go back to Animal Kingdom? They had been talking non-stop about the “trucks” and the animals we saw. So, we got there a little later than we meant to and had to wait on the entrance line instead of going in through the breakfast line. We were going to be late! Ack!

We got through the gate, and the old me kicked in. We were about to do a “Speed Animal Kingdom” tour!! Of course, it would have been nice if Bruce had told me he had no idea where we were going, because I sent him ahead as he was in front of me on the line. It led to me getting aggravated BIG TIME. Then, we got caught at one of the in-famous not open yet ropes. Fortunately, we told a cast member we had breakfast reservations and got through. I raced ahead and checked us in. When I got back to Bruce and the boys, we got them together and got our family picture taken. It turned out to be the first even okay picture of our little family.

Once inside, we were pleasantly surprised by a blast from our past visitor. Pat, from RWJ Hospital, came by to say hello!! She was one of the head nurses while the boys were there and was a real sweetie. As she visited, our waitress announced that we would be singing Happy Birthday to the boys, so she stayed a few moments longer to sing with us. It seemed only natural since she was there on their actual birth day. It ended up being a really crazed meal, and the characters were not as wonderful as the day before at Crystal Palace. We left a little disappointed and not very full. I did, however, manage to grab a few mini muffins for later on.

We went on merrily back on the safari and along the wilderness trails. After the boys had a nap, we headed back to the Magic Kingdom for two last rides on Small World and the Jungle Cruise. At some point as we were walking right near the Castle, I heard an announcement that families were about to be selected by the Castle for a parade. I was shameless. I got us into that parade! We met a nice young lady who instructed us and another family on waving banners and waving at the crowd. She also gave us directions for dancing in the grand finale at City Hall! The boys were given little American flags to wave in their strollers. It was amazing!! I waved, I danced, I choked back a little tear. Then, when we got to City Hall, I silently gave thanks to my grammar school music teacher, Mrs. Quish, for teaching me the great patriotic songs and belted out every last word! My father later asked if it cleared the park. There’s a critic in every bunch, I guess. I only wish there were pictures.

Sadly, our trip had come to an end. We left the park-somewhat appropriately-as the evening fireworks began. I promised the boys through near tears that we would be back soon. We had such a nice trip, and I was sorry to see it end. We left the next morning and headed for a mostly uneventful trip home (except for our last day when two of our little munchkins came down with a tummy flu).